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    Have you ever encountered technical errors with Kaspersky antivirus? If yes, then there is nothing to be surprised. Majority users have to face technical issues or problems. So, what are the reasons to face technical errors or problems with this software? What should you do when you face the technical hiccups? The reasons for the errors have to be diagnosed with perfection. As you have detected the reason for error, you need to go for step by step method of resolving the error. For that you may need technical support for Kaspersky from the experts. We are here to provide that with precision for you.

    Kaspersky Antivirus Closes down Abruptly

    Abrupt close down of Kaspersky antivirus is a prominent error which has been faced by many people. There could be many possible reasons behind this technical error or glitch. Some of the common reasons for this error have been discussed below:

    • It may happen due to hardware failure. Overheated CPU or malfunctioning RAM can lead to abrupt closure of the antivirus scanning process.

    • Low disk space is also a reason. Make sure that your drive where antivirus is installed should have enough space. During computer scanning, software generates temporary files and reports. There must be adequate space on the computer to accommodate these files or reports.

    • Installation error could also lead to abrupt closure of antivirus. Insert the installing CD or start setup process again and choose to repair the installed files to resolve the problem.

    • Windows registry file error can also be a reason. Due to abrupt close down of the software or due to some operating system glitches, antivirus may close down. If any program file of the antivirus has been damaged, it must be repaired to resolve the issue.

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    Customer Support Number: 1 (866) 328-5700

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    Kaspersky Uninstalling Antivirus

    Many users feel that they should uninstall antivirus as it makes the system slow in performance. There are ways of optimizing system’s speed as well as performance. But, if those things do not work, uninstall becomes the only choice. You just need to get in touch with Kaspersky support for guidance. For uninstalling antivirus, following steps to be followed:

    • Close all the programs running on your computer

    • Go to Control Panel > “Add or Remove Program”

    • Click on “Add or Remove Program” and a list of programs shall appear on the screen

    • Search the antivirus on that list

    • Now, select Kaspersky antivirus, and at the top right you shall get option for uninstall

    • Click on “Uninstall”

    • Follow the steps as per screen instructions

    • You can remove all preferences, if you do not have any future plan of having the same antivirus

    • Complete uninstall

    • Restart system

    Other Common Errors with Kaspersky Antivirus

    • The tool could crash without showing up any errors when you are trying to initiate it or launch it on your computer.

    • Error during update process, and it typically comes with error message “network connection failure”.

    • Update files have been downloaded by they are not getting installed on the system.

    • Error in purchasing subscription for the software.

    • Technical glitches when software scanning is going on. Scanning window may close abruptly or can make the whole system freeze.

    • Computer turns extremely slow after installation of the Kaspersky. • Certain websites have been blocked by the tool, though there are apparently nothing wrong with the websites.

    • Firewall turned on and system cannot connect to the internet.

    • System crashes frequently when it comes to updating or upgrading this security enhancement or management tool.

    There could be many other errors and all these errors can cause problems in security for your computer. These errors with the antivirus will lead to inaction of the tool against the possible threats. As a result, your system data will be at stake. There could be a lot of problems with your system data. It could be spied or stolen or damaged by malicious programs. To troubleshoot the error and to obtain the technical guidance with perfection, you are recommended to call our technical support for Kaspersky.

    Kaspersky Reasons to Contact Us

    Now, the question is why should you choose to call us when facing technical glitches with Kaspersky antivirus? How can we help and how can you get the best technical guidance from us? Find the points as mentioned below to know potential answers to these errors.

    • We have a team of dedicated and experienced individuals and they are always committed to deliver the best suggestions or solutions to the people.

    • Our team is available to provide technical support for 24/7. Even on weekends and holidays, you shall find our service.

    • You do not have to wait on long queue to get in touch with us. We are always available to serve clients without keeping their phone on hold for long time resulting into wastage of time.

    • Different critical errors are faced and we have answers for all those errors. We can provide tactical troubleshooting solutions to these errors with precision.

    To know more about the errors or technical glitches and their potential solutions, you can choose to call Kaspersky technical support.

    Contact Us for Solutions of Antivirus Glitches

    We are professional technical support service provider for those who are facing issues with their Kaspersky antivirus software. We help diagnosing the reasons for the errors. As reason for error has been recognized, we plan for the troubleshooting measures accordingly. You can call us to get guidance over phone. You can also join us through live chatting to get the advices.

    ‘Scan’ freezes while performing the scanning the files contained in the device

    Kaspersky Customer Service 1-833-272-4777

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  • Kaspersky Customer Service 1-833-272-4777

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